Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kari 40? Nah...

Well, I guess I've officially crossed over! Not quite sure how I feel about this yet! My heart is stil 19!! Thanks to my guys and my friends for helping to ease the pain! ;o)

I laughed so hard when I came home and saw this! Thanks guys!!

Okay, so thanks to Randy and my friend Gina at the gas station...those who know me know I'm 40 and the rest of the town thinks I'm pregnant!! ;o)

Friends know your strengths...AND your weaknesses!! I can say no to lots of things, but never could turn down a chocolate glazed Krispie Kreme! ;o)

The Melting Pot - my new FAV!!

The boys got me a fun purse (that wasn't a 'MOM' one!) ;o)


Marcie said...

looks like a great birthday. Love the purse!

Lynette said...

Hope you had a great day! Welcome to the 40's club! We may be oldies, but we are goodies!

Chapmans23 said...

Oh my goodness let them think what they want, how funny. It looks like you took it all in good stride. good for you, hope you the best.