Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyle's 12th Birthday! 6-09

Well, my "baby" turned 12!! He's getting so grown up. Kyle keeps us laughing. He does set the mood for the home though! He is usually a pretty happy kid who likes to joke and have a good time. He works hard too once he puts his mind to it. He is a good boy with lots of friends, both guys and girls. He cares about others and tries to do what's good and right. He is a fun kid to have around. Happy Birthday buddy! We love you!!

Opening Skull Candy earphones from Ty

Opening what he thought was his suit and was kind of bummed...but it was actually a new chest protector that he's been wanting! :o)

He wanted steaks on the barbi for dinner that night! The Jackson's brought him over his favorite homemade treats which is Indoor Smores (YUM!) and Kellie and the boys brought him over his other favs...Green Apple Jones Sodas and Milk Duds! Thanks guys for making it a fun birthday for him!


Chapmans23 said...

yummy the steaks look good, and actually the indoor smores sound yummy too. Gosh they grow up fast, how sad. HOpe to see you all at the potter family reunion. tell him happy birthday for us.

Jani -n- Todd said...

I didn't realize how close his & Tadja's birthdays are to eachother!
I sent you an invite to my blog, did you get it? Todd said it was good to see ya at the reunion!