Wednesday, May 27, 2009

End of School Year 2009

Well, this is more Elementary School for us! (Not quite sure how I feel about this yet!) It's a new chapter in our lives. We're so proud of the boys...for their achievements in school and Scouts and also in the fine young men they are becoming. They are good boys. They always make it a fun ride! At least an interesting one! ;o) Yes, I bawled at Kyle's graduation, just like I did at Ty's...everyone always tells me, "Oh, your first and your last are always the hardest." Well, that's all I have!! So I'm probably always boobin' about something! ;o) I do miss my "babies", but am having fun with this new stage too. Love you boys!

Court of Honor...Ty is now a STAR Scout with 17 Merit Badges and Kyle is a 1st Class Scout with 7 Merit Badges. Way to go boys! (and Mom!) ;o)

Kyle did it! He graduated from Elementary School! ;o)

Kyle and the group of kids!

Kyle and ah, yes...the GIRLS!

Kyle and Jake (cute boys!)

Ty was surprised with an award of achievement in Spanish! Muy Bein!

This is an apron Ty made at school...I wanted to get a picture of him with it so he finally said "Fine!" and POSED! :o)

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Marcie said...

Those are great pictures! Love the apron, Tyler. Good job!