Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FALL FUN! Boondocks and Some Serious Building!

We have had a fun Fall! First we took our annual "Fall Break" day at Boondocks-our fav! We took our good friend Will with us this time and he now understands our addiction to this place! Boondocks really brings out the "kid" in all of us! Due to pure geniusness (and tube socks stuffed in his shoes), Ty was tall enough to drive the go-carts this time! There would've been no questions asked if he wouldn't have let Kyle press on the gas! After nearly taking out a very paniced, whistle-blowing worker, they interogated Ty but we were able to talk our way out of it and they allowed him to continue with his "license to drive" as long as there were no more close calls! (Whew!)

The go-carts are our love, but we also played arcades, laser tag, and miniature golf. We always have the best time and are always surprised when it's time to leave!

Randy and the boys spent a couple months building them a clubhouse in the back 40! It's awesome! (Or "sick" as the boys would say) They weren't too thrilled with the work at first (and by the way, thanks hon! You're a sweetheart to do this for them!) But once they got into it and started seeing a finished project, they were pretty excited! They each took a wall and put up what they wanted. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the whole thing. It is complete with a floor, two windows, a perfect red door and even has a picnic table inside!

This is the new hang out! The neighbor kids come over and they all go in the clulbhouse to "practice their math." Yeah, I was confused by this too so I asked the boys one night at dinner what that meant. They said, "Yeah Mom, we practice our math! We practice our math Vegas style huh Dad!" Kyle says with a wink. I gave Randy that look and said, "What did you do?" Yeah, well, the kids are playing 21!!!! (Thanks, dear!) I nonchalantly asked who all plays this? They said the name of one boy and I thought, "Okay, that mom will be okay." Then they named another and I thought about the same. Then they named another little boy and I about choked as I thought, "Oh no! Not that Mom!" I haven't gotten a phone call yet thankfully, and I've since talked with the boys about a few things! It's been a fun thing for them to have though. The other day I looked out and there was a long, orange extension cord running from our house, across the lawn and clear to the back 40 to the clubhouse. They were using it for their stereo! They're cute.

This last picture I just had to throw in because it's so Randy! He and the boys went to his brother's in Wyoming for an ol' fashioned barn raising! It was kind of fun for Randy to work with all his brothers again and have his folks over-seeing things!


Marcie said...

Fun pictures. I probably would have guessed the mom even if I didn't know the story. Fun Times.

Jen said...

I love the clubhouse! I'll have to come check it out! Maybe I'll learn some new math skills too!!!

Chapmans23 said...

Sounds like alot of fun. Your blog is soo cute! good job.