Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So Thankful!

Did you not sleep well last night? Was your bed a little too lumpy? Was it a little too warm or a little too chilly? With all that's going on in the world, I am just so thankful for so much. We are so blessed.

20 Things I'm Thankful For:
1. My family
2. Our good health
3. That we're able to live where we do
4. That we're able to have all the modern-day convienences that we do
5. The Gospel, the Scriptures and the Priesthood
6. The opportunity to go to the Temple and to meet together as Saints
7. My job (even though I complain about it...right now, I'm thankful for it!)
8. That, for the most part, my kids are HAPPY!
9. Good friends and neighbors
10. Vehicles that run well
11. Hairspray!
12. The beauty of the earth...mountains, pine trees, animals, starry nights, beaches, etc.
13. A nice, cool breeze on a warm morning run
14. Music and Dancing
15. For all the men & women who serve our country so we can be free and have all we do
16. For our extended families and the times we're able to get together
17. Children's laughter, my husband's laughter...laughter period!
18. Good Food!
19. Washing machines and dryers! (Clean sheets!)
20. My Testimony of the Gospel


Kristi & Chris said...

I agree!

The Bateman Crew said...

Cute blog too!!!! It's so fun to see what everyone is up to:)

The Esplin Family said...

Sometimes I think that everything in my life is going badly and that nothing could get worse...but you are right we really are very blessed and I just need to look for things to be thankful for... I love your blog!!

Marcie said...

Makes me very grateful for bed, sheets, and a warm house without sand blowing on me. We have a lot to be thankful for.

This is us in a nutshell said...

Oh Kari, THanks for putting that on here. I'm so thankful for our Troops & for the sacrafices they and their families make for our country!
And I am so very thankful for washing machines too! Clean sheets are heaven sent! :D