Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Night 2008!

Halloween this year was on a Friday and how fun! It was a beautiful Fall day...the weather was a wonderful 60 something! We had dinner of homemade cauliflower soup and "yummie mummies."
Then the kids all headed out for some
grueling trick-or-treating!

Kyle and his friends

Ty, Walker & Lexi

"Cap'n Gunner!"

"Miss Randy!"

"Yummie Mummies!"

While the kids were trick-or-treating, Randy and I scared kids at the door while passing out candy, visited with friends and played cards with my folks. Yes, this IS a full PINOCHLE!! :o)

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The Schmidts said...

OH MY GOSH!! I soooo wanted to make the yummie mummies too! I can't wait for Dakota to be able to gobble them up - you are too cute! Love you. Terra and Daktoa