Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kyle is a Deacon! 6-21-2009

Kyle was ordained a Deacon on Father's Day Sunday. (Thank you to everyone that gave up a little of thier "relaxing" Father's Day to come and support Kyle.) I can't believe he is that old!! It seems like just yesterday "I" was 12 and checking out the hot Deacons as they passed the Sacrament!! I don't EVEN want to think about girls checking out my boys!! Kyle, you are such a fun kid. You keep us laughing. You are a good boy - a good example for your friends and for the younger kids that look up to you. I'm so thankful you are in our family!

He looks so old!!

The Priesthood Holders!


Barton opening his chocolate! :o)

Happy Father's Day!

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The Bateman Crew said...

Congrats to Kyle!!! I love the picture with Grandpa, Randy and the boys:)