Monday, April 27, 2009

Supercross 2009!

For his birthday, Ty wanted to go to the Supercross in Vegas. (He settled for the one in SLC.) We all had a great time despite the rain and cold. We walked the "pit" where they got cool face tatoos, saw all the riders bikes and busses, bought a T-shirt, and of course took pictures with the 30 second girls and the Monster Energy Drink Girls! (Ahh, ummmm...)
It was a lot of fun and an exciting race...Bubba and Reed passing eachother three times before Bubba held on to win!

Bubba's Bus!

Bubba! He da man!!

Cool face tatoos!

Waiting for the race to start...soooooo glad it finally stopped raining!!

Ah, the 30 second girls! (Love Ty's face in this one!) ;o)

"Monster Girls" YES!!


Marcie said...

The boys look like they are in heaven in the last picture.

Jen said...

I bet the boys had a great time!!! (Including Randy:)

Jani -n- Todd said...

Oh how funny! I love the tire tracks on the faces!!!