Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little "Foolin'" Around!

What a fun day we had on April Fool's this year!! (Thanks to some good sports!) Kyle set the alarm for a little earlier than usual...Ty didn't much care for that one! He also took syrup and honey to school and put it on the kids' pencils! I made some "yummy" chocolate-covered cottonballs!! Kyle took some of those for his friends too and I took some to work. That was pretty good! Like I said, I'm glad they were good sports! Tyler and Kyle both put salt in eachother's water bottles and Kyle put food coloring in our milk!! I made some delicious "fish sticks" (out of waffer cookies, peanut butter and corn flakes) but the boys caught on to them...Kyle touched one and said, "I knew I smelled peanut butter!!

The very best though was getting Barton!! He usually gets ME!! I don't even answer the phone on April Fool's Day anymore! No one can ever really get him. This year though, I had my friend call pretending she was calling from the bank...long story short...we got him!! Again, glad he was a good sport about it all...well, after a while anyway! ;o) I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thanks Barton!! You know we love you!!

It was a fun day full of laughs and YES, I am very nervous about next year!! I know about paybacks! ;o)


Chapmans23 said...

Oh how fun, it sounds like everyone had a good fun day. THis year we didn't pull one prank on anyone. We kind of all forgot about it.

Marcie said...

Those are great ideas. What a fun mom you are.

Randy and Kari said...

Marce! Glad you're back!! :o)

The Bateman Crew said...

That's to funny Kari:) I'm gonna have to steal some of your ideas for next year...I did get Cody though, I put baby ori-gel on his tooth brush.