Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kay, so after years of my ankle giving out on me...and months of limping because of the pain of what we thought was a callous on the bottom of my foot, I finally had surgery. The doctor reconstructed the ligaments in my ankle that I injured in an accident clear back when I was 11!! And he cut the yucky, painful planter's wart thing out of the bottom of my foot. (That will be soooooooo good to have out!!) So, now I'm in a cast for another 5 weeks, which is NOT so fun. I've never had a panic attack before and ashamed to admit that I've made fun of people who have. But I am a bit chlostrophobic (sp?), even more so as I grow older. I don't know...one of the first nights home with the cast on...Randy had me all set up with the ice and all and all of the sudden I just got all hot and sweaty, my heart began to race and it was like hard to breathe. I tore the ice off and tried to sit up. Randy didn't know what was going on, but stood there and just told me to take deep breaths. (That's more than he did when I was in labor!) ;o) It was the strangest thing...I just wanted to rip that cast off! Even still...sometimes I have to concentrate really hard on something else to get my mind off the cast if I'm just laying there in bed or something. Crazy.
Anyway, thanks so much to our friends who have come by to visit. And Kell and Jen, thank you so much for the yummy dinners you brought for us! Those were unexpected and greatly appreciated, especially that first night. Steve and Janean the rose and cake were so sweet of you. Love all you guys!
Mom, what can I say...I know I could've done this as easily without you. Thanks to you and Barton for so much. I love you guys! It was fun having you here! And Randy, thank you for trying your best to help with everything and having to be "Mr.Mom" for a while.

I'm not much of a pink gal, but thought my boys would like this! Have to admit though, I do like the toes! :o)

This was the sweetest thing! Our good friends The Jackson's brought over this beautiful rose and darling cake the night of my surgery. So sweet...it made me cry! Thanks guys! You are great friends!

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The Bateman Crew said...

Awwww I hope you get feeling better:) At least your toe nails look cute!!!:)