Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a fun Christmas!! The boys had the idea to stay up until midnight thinking that would help them sleep until 6:00...the time we told them they could get up. Well, I don't think any of us slept much at all! I never do!! I think I get more excited than the kids do! Christmas Eve we took the boys to Tempanyaki for dinner and had a blast! Our chef was REALLY good with the kids and yes, we ALL tried SUSHI!! The guy swore to me it was all cooked! He kept saying, "Not all sushi raw, some cooked, you try, you like!" I kept saying no until he finally brought us some out on a plate and said, "You try...all like!" Ty had to be bribed with $5 before he'd try it and Kyle had to be bribed with the $5 plus promised free ice-cream for the whole family from the waitress if he'd try it. He was a sport, bless his heart. On our way home we drove around Salem Pond and looked at all the beautiful lights, then drove to a house in Payson where all the lights were sycronized to music. It was so cool! After that we came home and opened our traditional Christmas Eve jammas! Kyle wanted me to read a version of the Nativity story before going to bed that night. Thanks Kyle...that made it more special, especially since you asked instead of ME saying we're doing it! ;o)
Christmas morning was so exciting! (I think more so for Randy and I waiting for the boys to open their presents than anything else!) We are so thankful for family and friends and all of our many blessings. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

I always say my house looks like a little gingerbread house...I think it REALLY does at Christmas time! I love it when it's all lite up and decorated for Christmas!

Ripsticks from Mom & Dad

Thinking...trying to figure out if it's really what they think it is!

Realizing it IS what they think it is!!

So excited!!


Later that night we went over to our good friends, the Jackson's to play some Wii!Here we're getting some tips from Steve.

Us together at the Jackson's. What a fun Christmas day! :o)
The day AFTER Christmas we woke up to about a foot of snow! Too fun!!!

Love this picture of Ty!

Goofballs in the snow! We tried making a snowman, but the snow wouldn't pack. :o(

Ty and Kyle having fun in all the snow!

I love this picture! So thankful to have the Christmas vacation off with the boys!


Chapmans23 said...

oh it sounds like you all had a Merry christmas, and lots of fun. I think from the looks on their faces that they got what they wanted, plus some snow. How fun. Happy New year!

The Shep Family said...

I love it!! I love your boy's expressions and all of the excitement that your pictures captured. You have such a great family. I am glad I got to see a little of your Christmas! Thanks for the nice post on my blog too, we love you guys. Merry Christmas!!!!