Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Been TAGGED!

Okay, thanks to Marcie being bored, I've been tagged! Here goes...

8 Things...

8 TV shows I like to watch...
1. Oprah
2. Desperate Housewives (w/Randy!)
3. American Idol
4. Brothers & Sisters
5. Army Wives
6. CMT
7. Discovery Channel
8. Hallmark Movie Channel

8 Things that happened yesterday...
1. Woke up FREEZING because Randy sleeps with the window open!
2. Worked (that's all I have to say about that)
3. Helped boys with homework
4. Checked out Ashton's cool, new bike
5. Had my first taste of RED MANGO!! (Thanks Marce!) I'm hooked!
6. Watched a little Oprah (Gotta love TIVO!)
7. Watched Kyle's flag football game and hung out with my friends!
8. Made hot chocolate and omlettes for dinner after the game (9:00!)

8 Favorite places to eat...
1. Red Lobster
2. Fridays!
3. Los Hermanos
4. PF Changs
5. Bajio
6. Papa Kelsies
7. Magleby's (love the breadsticks!)
8. Breakfast Buffets! (Miss Shoneys)

8 Things I'm looking forward to...
1. The next day off work!
2. The holiday season! Everything about it...snow, lights, goodies, Christmas, family, friends...
3. Ward basketball with the girls!
4. Evenings and Saturdays with my family
5. Our next family vacation (Preferably in Lake Powell!) :o)
6. My next run
7. Serving a mission with my husband
8. Our 15 year annivery! :o)

8 Things on my Wish List...
1. For my boys to be little again
2. But if they have to, then for them to be good, hard working, smart respectful men and all go
on missions (Amen, Kellie!)
3. Not to have to turn 40 next year!
4. For all of us to stay healthy and safe
5. Be a stay at home mom and able to do volunteer work (and play with my friends!)
6. I could always know the right things to say and do
7. For my dream home!
8. Lots of grandkids!!

8 People I Tag...
1. LeAnne
2. Mom
3. Janean
4. Krista
5. Lezlie
6. Lani
7. Randy!
8. Heidi

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Krista said...

Hey neighbor! Is this seriously the only way I get to say Hi? Cute blog. I need to do some major updating on mine when I get time. Krista