Friday, October 3, 2008

First Blog!

Okay, I've conformed! I'm now officially a "blogger!"
I guess we'll start this first one by telling a little about ourselves.

Randy and I have been married for 13 years now. Wow! How time flies!
I work at the Nebo School District office as the SubFinder Secretary. I am basically over all the substitutes for the District. It gets kind of crazy sometimes, but I love the job and love being able to be home when the kids get home. I also love having all the days off that the kids have off including summers! That makes it all worth it! I do miss not being able to be there with them in the morning, but Randy does a good job getting them up and ready for the day. He EVEN made them French toast one morning this week!!! That was HUGE!!
I enjoy most anything, especially when it involves my family. My most favorite thing is the sound of my boys laughing...I mean the big, full-blown belly laughs. I love the outdoors...camping, hiking, BBQs, picnics, boating, (I'm learning wake boarding), and fishing if I can go with Randy and the guys and play poker until the fish bite! I love sports, both playing and watching, although I'm not fantastic and any. I play on our ward teams and I think my family just enjoys watching me make a fool of myself more than anything! But I have fun. I enjoy playing cards, scrap booking, running, visiting with friends and reading (especially TWILIGHT!!)

Randy works for IHC in the sign shop. So ALL the signs, big or small that you see in and around the hospitals, he has made! He too enjoys most anything (except dancing and Chinese food!) His favorites are probably boating, wake boarding, fishing, hunting, motorbikes, and most recently has become a "master" gardener! He likes to do things with his hands and teaches our boys so much. He is the "instigator" of most of the teasing and joke playing!

Our oldest boy, Weston is 23 today! (Happy Birthday!) He currently lives in Sandy and enjoys his job at a music store there. He likes to go boating with us when he gets the time. His passion is the guitar and he is a master at it! He also writes beautiful music. He is a happy person. Not much bothers Wes!

Tyler is 12 and started Jr. High this year! He likes most anything. He is our Internet "guru." Anything we need or want to know, he will find it out for us! He enjoys boating and makes wake boarding look so easy! He likes skateboarding and riding his bike too, but his favorite is motorbikes! (He's going to razz me for not knowing what his bike is!! I know it's a Kawasaki!) When he and his dad were first looking for a motorbike for him, I saw one and said, "What about that one?" Ty said no and when I asked why, Randy said because it's the wrong color. I said, "Well just paint it!" I have since learned a lot more!
Ty is a happy, go-lucky kid. He likes to joke and keeps us laughing. He doesn't like anyone to be sad.

Kyle is 11 and in 6th grade this year. He is loving being "king" of the school! He likes to be around people and makes friends easily. He is not afraid to talk to anyone! When he was a toddler, we'd be in McDonald's and before I even placed the order, he had made three or four new friends in the play area! As all of us, Kyle likes boating and wake boarding and he too makes it look so easy! He also likes skateboarding and video games. He likes reading as long as it's a book about something he likes. He is a happy boy. He is always quick with a joke or a story and is good at making up songs. (He usually does this while taking a shower!) You've heard the saying, "If Mom's happy then everyone is happy." Well, at our house...if Kyle's happy, everyone is happy! He brings life to our home.

Oh! I can't forget our little dog, Gunner! He is a cute miniature dachshund. He has a sweet personality (most of the time.) If you're a runner or a bike rider...he turns into dog from you know where though! He is a smart little guy. He learns tricks pretty quickly as long as you have lots of treats!! He can sit, roll over, jump, and do paralysed. The last is our favorite...he crawls on his front paws while dragging his back legs! It's the best!

Well, that's us. Like they say..."we may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" Stay tuned for more from the Skinner Saga!


Shane said...

Well I must say that it is about time that you joined the crowd! Going to the site and reading a blog is so much easier than receiving a million emails from everyone. Add in the pictures and, if you're as good as Kristi and Terra, the videos and you're able to share everything and no one has to wait to download anything. I look forward to following you.

Marcie said...

Kari, It looks great. I knew you could do it. Call me on Sunday if you want me to come and help you put a different back ground. It's easy once someone shows you. Good Job!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your pictures and writes ups! good to have you on blog. Now if I only had time to look them all up!!!! Love you. Mom

Sheryl Lynn said...

Hey welcome to the blogging world! All of you pics are way cute!! Love you

Kristi & Chris said...

Hey kari- Love the blog!!! All the pictures are sooo cute. Love ya!!